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Connect with
your community

your way.

A Posh + Connect is an in-person, casual meetup where you can connect with Poshers to share interests and have fun!

A place for the

Pro Thrifter

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What to Expect



From thrift trips and listing parties, to outdoor yoga and boba meetups, experience new and memorable moments with the local community.

Explore New


Discover shared passions and connect over your favorite interests and hobbies.



Make new Posh friends with members of your local community.

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Host a Meetup

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Make your mark.


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Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome to attend! Posh + Connect meetups are a great way to connect with other Poshers in your local community. 

Is there a cost to attend?

No, Posh + Connect and Posh + Learn meetups are free to attend.

Do I need to bring anything?

Check the meetup page for full details on what you should bring (if anything!).

How do I become a host? (U.S.)

If you’re interested in hosting a Posh + Connect, you can submit an application here. Please note that applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your meetup date. 

Can I invite a friend?

Yes! Encourage as many friends as you want to attend a meetup even if they aren’t familiar with Poshmark.

How long is each event?

The timing varies depending on the event and the host. Check the meetup listing for more details.

Why should I host a Posh + Connect?

Hosting a Posh + Connect is a great way to connect with the Poshmark community, share your expertise, and spread the #PoshLove.

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