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Find Your People

Experience the magic of the Poshmark community IRL! Explore Poshmark-hosted events and community-hosted meetups below to connect, learn, and grow with Poshers like you.

Poshmark-Hosted Events


Poshmark's Birthday

Poshmark’s birthday is an annual event hosted by Poshmark where we celebrate with our amazing community from across the globe. Join us to network with your PFFs, hang with Team Posh, and celebrate all things Poshmark.



Network, gain insider tips, and so much more at Poshmark’s annual two-day fashion and entrepreneurship conference. 

Poshmark PPL Dallas20.jpg

Poshmark-Hosted Events

Network with your fellow Poshers, participate in exclusive giveaways, join a LIVE Posh Show, and more!

Community-Hosted Meetups


Posh N Sip

Make memories with other Poshers by joining these social gatherings hosted by members of the Poshmark community.

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Posh N Coffee

Learn how to build your business through this series of educational meetups hosted by Posh Ambassadors.

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